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Growing market position

With great products, class-leading services including PACCAR Financial and PACCAR Parts, and a dedicated, customer oriented organization, DAF Trucks is a leading manufacturer in the European truck industry. In 2016, DAF increased its European heavy duty market share to 15.5%.

The European truck market benefited from an improving economy, high freight tonnage and low interest rates. In 2016 the EU light truck market (6 – 16 tonnes) grew almost 8% to a level of 53,000 units, with DAF’s market share increasing to 10.1% (2015: 9%). The EU heavy truck market (16+ tonnes) increased by 12.4% to over 302,500 registrations. In this segment, DAF market share grew from 14.6% in 2015 to 15.5% in 2016. DAF benefited from a strong demand for its Euro 6 trucks because of their high fuel efficiency, excellent reliability and high resale values, backed by industry-leading services and a highly professional dealer network.

Geographical diversity

DAF strengthened its position in major EU markets in 2016. In France DAF heavy duty market share grew to 13.1%. In Great Britain and The Netherlands market share increased to 29.2% and 31.9% respectively, and market share grew in Spain (11.4%), Italy (11.6%), Belgium (19.1%) and Poland (19.4%). In Germany – the largest truck market in Europe – market share was 10.8%. In the heavy-duty segment, DAF is the market leader in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.


Growing presence outside Europe

DAF has also further strengthened its market position outside the European Union. The DAF assembly plant in Ponta Grossa, Brasil doubled its production of the versatile CF and long haul XF truck, making DAF one of the fastest growing truck brands in Brasil. DAF Brasil expanded its dealer network by adding three
full-service dealer locations and seven independent service providers to offer customers excellent sales and service support.

DAF enhanced its presence in Ecuador, Peru, Chili and Colombia by appointing four new dealers. DAF opened a subsidiary in Turkey and a new dealership in Dubai UAE. DAF dealers in Eastern Europe, Africa and ASEAN countries invested significantly in new locations. In Taiwan, DAF is the market leader in the heavy tractor segment. The 10th anniversary of the modern Taiwan production facilities was celebrated as it assembled its 5,000th locally assembled DAF truck.


It is estimated that industry sales in the above 16-tonne truck market in Europe in 2016 will be in a range of 260,000-290,000 units. With a class-leading product range, top quality services and a strong dealer network, DAF is well positioned to further increase market share in the coming years.



Production 2016: 

CF/XF Production:              46.000 trucks
LF Production:                     10.500 trucks
Total Production 2016:       56.500 trucks

Market share 2016:

EU Market share heavy segment:   15.5%
EU Market share light segment:       10.1%

Production facilities:

Eindhoven, The Netherlands:   approx. 900.000 m2 
Westerlo, Belgium:                   approx. 400.000 m2 
Leyland, United Kingdom:        approx. 600.000 m
Ponta Grossa, Brazil:               approx. 300.000 m2

Number of employees (FTE):

Eindhoven:            approx. 6.000
Westerlo:               approx. 2.120 
Leyland:                 approx. 950
Ponta Grossa:       approx. 170

Number of employees outside The Netherlands and Belgium, working at national marketing and sales offices: ca. 750

*) The market shares in 2016 relate to the countries of the European Union, plus Norway and Switzerland.

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DAF was among the first European truck manufacturers to comply with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental care. All production facilities have achieved ‘Zero Wasteto Landfill’.

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