HBO/WO stage: Route classification for vehicle simulation

Internship at the technical analysis department

  • Location Eindhoven
  • Organisation Unit Product Development
  • Fulltime Fulltime
  • Education level Bachelor
  • Contract type Internship contract

Job description

For assessing the fuel economy and CO2 emissions of our vehicles we heavily rely on simulations. An important input to these simulations is the drive cycle on which we virtually drive our trucks. This is not trivial because every vehicle drives its own unique routes. For us it's important to correctly identify the different driving cycles based on certain route characteristics; distance, speed distribution, slopes, etc. The objective of this assignment is to think of a method to classify the route types, longhaul, regional, urban, municipality.Steps that need to be taken for this assignment:​

- Make daily trips from a large dataset of logged vehicle data

- Think of a method to classify these daily trips in the different route categories 

- For each category extract the GCW distribution that will be used for simulation

Your profile

Analytical skills

Pragmatic approach

Good understanding of data and statistics

Good knowledge of MATLAB

Affinity with vehicles (and trucks)

Studies in: Data Science
Duration internship: 4-6 months


The Technical Analysis department consists of a team with specialists, responsible for the numerical verification and validations of new vehicle concepts and vehicle designs within the Product Development division.

By means of simulations, new developments on vehicle and system level are evaluated and optimized for different vehicle performance aspects: fuel economy and CO2 emission, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, NVH, vehicle handling, crash safety, durability. These simulations support the design process from the first concept ideas to the final validation and sign-off of the truck design.​

We offer

Een kijkje in de keuken bij een grote, internationale organisatie;

  • Je krijgt veel vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid. We staan open voor jouw initiatieven en afhankelijk van de opdracht zie je jouw resultaten terug op de werkvloer;
  • Een ervaren coach en begeleider, waar je veel van kunt leren en die klaar staat om je verder te helpen;
  • Een stagevergoeding van € 375,- (HBO) en  € 450,- (WO) op Fulltime basis;
  • Een reiskostenvergoeding, als je niet in het bezit bent van een studentenreisproduct;
  • Een huisvestingsvergoeding, als je tijdelijk een kamer huurt in de buurt van DAF.