Maik van Vugt

Ruud van Geleuken

Intern Truck Logistics


"The informal culture and personal touch at DAF are a major plus."


Ruud van Geleuken (24) wasn’t a complete rookie when he came to do his work experience at DAF in February. “I had already done a data migration project at DAF three years before. That gave me a taste of what DAF was all about,” he says. Ruud is currently in his third year at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences where he is studying ICT & Business. During several months, Ruud worked on the implementation of a Sharepoint programme for the Truck Logistics department. “That job represents a major challenge because of the different needs of stakeholders and the aim of promoting the use of the programme among employees,” explains Ruud.

"When I was looking for a place to do my internship, I really wanted to find an organization that would help me develop my professional skills. I don’t know all that much about the automotive industry. However, I was interested in the processes that keep an organization running and how to identify them. For Truck Logistics this means finding out: what happens from A to Z during the order and delivery process? I wanted to know more about that.”

“The informal culture and personal touch at DAF are a major plus. You are given every opportunity to develop on a personal level, too, in addition to the professional side, through extra-curricular activities. I took part in the International Week, for example, which was organized by Fontys and I was also involved in the organization of the Student Event at DAF.”

“What I’ve learned? A lot of different things, but two of the most important are that I acquired better communication skills and are capable of forming a better judgment. You have to learn how to share the right information at the right time with your colleagues and how to adjust to the working methods of others. My supervisor, Marcel Hoedeman, gave me a lot of freedom. He pointed me in the right direction but let me experience things for myself as they happen so that I can learn from them. That works really well. One thing I have noticed about working in a large organization is that sometimes the communication is more formal at certain levels, which means that the decision-making process can be a bit longer.”

Various internships have shown Ruud what you need to do to get the most out of the opportunities they present. “Be open to other people’s ideas. The employees know best how things work on the inside and that is the most valuable input there is. But it is also important to be critical and to question why some things are done in a certain way. You can offer an organization a fresh perspective on how things are done and even provide the organization with valuable insights. DAF provides you with the freedom to be in charge of and design your own process the way you want. The sky is the limit."

Ruud van Geleuken