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Paul Adams

District Parts Manager


"Cooperation is crucial. There is a genuine team spirit at DAF."

Trips abroad to DAF dealers outside Europe, the opportunity to experience other cultures and lots of flexibility when it comes to planning your work. A lot of people would say this sounds like the perfect job. “It is a terrific job, and one that introduces me to so many wonderful things, but it is not all as easy as it sounds,” says Paul Adams, District Parts Manager at PACCAR Parts. Paul is responsible for providing support to DAF Dealers in relation to spare parts, as well as for DAF relations in countries in southeast Europe and the Middle East. No two working days are ever the same for him.

“Getting to know other cultures is fantastic, but it also means that I have to spend a lot of time in the air. And sometimes you end up in situations you would rather not have to deal with. But everything usually turns out fine as long as you use your common sense,” explains Paul. “DAF is really on the rise in countries outside Europe. In addition to generating growth, we also believe that it is important that our dealers are given sufficient support. And to make sure they get the support they need, I travel regularly to the countries where our dealers are located.”

“You are continually in contact with different cultures, which means things don’t always go exactly as planned. Your travel plans to a certain country can be affected by public holidays or unrest as a result of recent elections, for example. Market prices and the way people do business with each other can vary greatly, too. In the parts of the Middle East where I travel there is a genuine culture of trade. Personal relationships are far more important in business dealings there than they are in the Netherlands. European initiatives that we try to implement in Jordan, for example, don’t have the same impact that a trip to the region by our president, Preston Feight, would. Our job is to generate more support within DAF for that kind of thing.”

Cooperation is crucial    
“The various departments at DAF are heavily reliant on each other, they all have a contribution to make. Cooperation is crucial in this, both internally and with the dealer. There is a genuine team spirit at DAF, your feedback is always put to use and the culture is a very open one. I also like the amount of flexibility we are allowed in our work. Sometimes I travel on a Sunday if necessary and I don’t always have to be in the office at 9 a.m. sharp the next day if I’ve been traveling across multiple time zones.”

“To me a successful day can be down to something big, like closing the deal on a new tender, or something very small, like making sure that a complex delivery for export gets to the intended dealer on time. That means that they can then deliver to their own customers on time, too.”

“We also have various projects in place with our colleagues at Trucks & Service that enable us to acquire new clients on the basis of a total concept. We do this with a relatively small group of people, so it naturally creates a strong bond and team spirit. These are often long-term projects, but when they are a success we are always very proud of ourselves and of the result.”

Paul Adams