Maik van Vugt

Michiel van Nesselrooij

Aerodynamica Specialist


"When an opportunity presents itself, you are encouraged to take it."


When he started studying Aerospace Engineering—specializing in Aerodynamics—it wasn’t long before Michiel van Nesselrooij knew that he wanted to put his aerodynamics skills to work in the automotive industry. “The automotive industry is characterized by the passion people have for the vehicles they work on. You also get to contribute to a tangible product that you pass on the road every evening when you drive home.” 

Michiel has been working as an Aerodynamics specialist at DAF since April 2016 and is responsible for reducing the amount of drag experienced by its trucks. Michiel believes that there is still a lot of room for improvement with regard to aerodynamics in the automotive industry and that is why he was keen to work for DAF. “I applied for a job at exactly the right time it seems, because DAF was just beginning to focus more attention on the area of aerodynamics.”

Strong growth
“I have seen a lot of new developments in the months that I have been here. Our team has tripled in size in the last months. Moves by companies acting on the basis of possible changes in legislation have led to the whole aerodynamics playing field being blown wide open again. Everything is up for discussion and important decisions are having to be made in rapid succession. The only big disadvantage for me is that because of the commercially sensitive nature of the information I can tell my family and friends almost nothing about the work I do!”

Room to grow
“DAF is a very comfortable place to work. It is well organized but you never feel like someone’s looking over your shoulder. It feels like one big family. You are also given room to grow, both on a professional and a personal level. When an opportunity presents itself, you are encouraged to take it. For example, I now have a coordinating role within my team. But there are opportunities outside of DAF, too, because DAF is a part of the global organization PACCAR. And that’s not just on paper; I am in regular contact with our colleagues in the American divisions.”

“At first I didn’t think DAF was the place where I should start my career, given the fact that my focus was primarily on the development of passenger cars. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that aerodynamics plays an extremely important role in the truck industry and that the field is bursting with innovation. It is impressive to see how the trucks are developed from start to finish here on the DAF premises, even including the development of the engines. If the automotive industry interests you and you are looking for a company that stimulates personal development, too, then DAF is the place to be.”

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