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Mathilde Verniers widescreen
DAF XF Euro 6

"Everyone here is open to meet new people and to acquire new knowledge."

Mathilde Verniers - Assistant Project Manager

Mathilde has always been fascinated by technology used in large vehicles. "It is hugely interesting to see how something like that is made and how everything functions as a whole", she tells enthusiastically. "I find it very cool that we develop and manufacture these vehicles right here in the Netherlands. Being involved in it really does make you feel proud to be Dutch."

Mathilde is currently working as an Assistant Project Manager and coordinates and monitors the progress of various new projects within product development.
"I liaise with a lot of different departments and ensure that we meet the agreed targets. Sometimes we have to make concessions, but in the end we all have the drive to deliver a great product. It also gives you a good feeling when you see the results of the designs and projects that you've managed in the trucks that are on the road."

Women in technology
"I'm originally from (nearby) Arnhem and here at DAF there is a typically 'Brabantse' atmosphere. Everyone is open and friendly. You might think that a large company would be impersonal, but that is certainly not the case here. So much is possible and everyone is open to meet new people and acquire new knowledge."

"It's true that a lot of men work here, but that's typical for a technology company and for the sector. It doesn't bother me. People communicate frankly — you can simply tell it like it is. And what about the 'male humor'? "That's also fine", says Mathilde with a smile. "Colleagues frequently tell me that the dynamic changes when a women is involved in a meeting or if she is part of the project team. In a good way of course."

"I really think that more women should choose to work in technology. Women generally have a better feel for what sort of approach might be needed in certain scenarios, and are often better at maintaining the  overview, or coordination, for example.I believe that you can really add value within technical organizations and roles as a women!" 

Mathilde Verniers