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Maria Oprea

Commodity Manager Driveline & Chassis


"DAF is not a one man show but the collective efforts of many."

With a Canadian and Romanian background, Maria is one of the persons who has lived in many different places all over the world. After doing her studies in the Netherlands, she moved to Germany to pursue a career in the automotive industry. However, she already knew that she wanted to come back to the Netherlands.

I kept coming back for a job at DAF. After my graduation, there weren't any suitable entry level jobs available," starts Maria. "The advice was to gain some more experience. After one and a half years, I applied again for the role of Commodity Manager.

It’s not just about buying the products  
Maria explains that a role as Commodity Manager is challenging, fun and diverse. “There is a lot of teamwork involved. Not only with the colleagues of the Purchasing department, but also with colleagues from Product Development. We don’t just get to be involved with buying parts and the process stops. It’s running the business, monitoring progress and the strategy behind the decisions; it involves everything. From being involved in the quality process, but also make sure the engineers can make their changes, bottlenecks in the supply chain, finding customer demands with product planning and having a stake in the styling aspects.”

“Not a single situation is the same, every part and supplier is different but they all come with their unique traits. You have to overcome the challenges you encounter with your team together, DAF is not a one man show but the collective efforts of many. The job itself keeps you on your toes and being able to coordinate the activities gives you a feeling of fulfilment.”

A global organization, with a family feel
DAF is a large global organization especially seem within the purchasing department which has strong connections with the mother organization PACCAR. However, according to Maria, there is still a family feel to it. “You can speak to anybody with their first name. You can easily step into someone’s offices and ask a more experienced colleague for advice and take knowledge from that.”

Development opportunities
Maria admits that there are plenty of development opportunities within DAF: “Even if you are a Purchasing Manager; we still have trainings for Six Sigma, Program Management or Material Cost Excellence including part design and teardowns. This creates well-rounded building blocks to implement into daily work or discussions.”  

Further, DAF is stimulating the contact with colleagues from different departments and different regions. For example, there is a Cross Divisional Assignment, where young professionals with different backgrounds are working together on an assignment formulated by the Board of Management. There is a new topic starting shortly in which I have the possibility to be involved myself. DAF employees also have the possibility to spend three months in other offices around the world to work on short term assignments; whether in the United States, China or India. I am really looking forward to taking part in this program one day to better understand PACCAR as a global entity.” 

Maria Oprea