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Luke Verhagen

Commodity Unit Manager


"I feel very proud when I see
a plan coming together.”


Luke Verhagen started his career at DAF in the function of Production Engineer and worked for several years as a Planning Manager at PACCAR Parts, before he returned to the Operations department for a job as Chief of Production Engineering at the Sheet Metal Component factory. However, after working for PACCAR Parts and Operations for a couple of years, it was time for Luke to broaden his experiences. That is why he made a switch to a role as Commodity Unit Manager at the Purchasing department.

"When I worked at Operations, I had the feeling that my colleagues at Purchasing were only concerned with making price agreements. I found out that the role of buyer involved much more, when I participated in the Cross Divisional Assignment Program," Luke begins.

During a Cross Divisional Assignment Program, four colleagues from different disciplines work together on an assignment formulated by the Board of Management. Luke explains: "There was a good buyer in my team. Because of him I got a much better picture of the profession. The task content and activities are much broader than I initially thought. You are not only concerned with prices and negotiations, but you really look at how you can achieve the best process. With the aim of producing a truck with excellent quality."

It is likely that many people think it is not an obvious career move, but Luke certainly sees common ground with his previous roles. "Within Operations I have implemented many process improvements, but also gained a lot of experience with (project) management and leadership. That kind of skills are also important in the role of Commodity Unit Manager. It still is fascinating to see how much impact you can make. I feel very proud when I see a plan coming together in which I have been directly or indirectly involved."

There are always opportunities for development
Luke indicates that many people are not aware of the possibilities on the DAF premises. He continues: "If you, like me, have a background as industrial engineer, there are a great amount of possibilities. As soon as you start working you choose for a certain direction. But at DAF there are always opportunities, especially within other fields. In my new role, I get the chance to broaden myself and add some new to my experiences. Possibilities does not come naturally, but if you are committed to it, there will always be a new challenge for you."

Luke Verhagen