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Joris Stouthandel

Operational IT Manager


"It is great to see how your application contributes to the production of an engine or cabin."


After several roles within IT consultancy, Joris Stouthandel decided it was time for something else. Automotive has always been his field of interest, so it make sense to have a look at the opportunities at the nearby located truck manufacturer. At DAF he found a challenging role in the field of application management. After a few years he was able to take a next step in his career. Now, Joris works as Operational IT Manager.

"In my current role I am responsible for the application management systems of several  plants. This includes the three factories in Eindhoven, but also the two factories in Westerlo in Belgium,” says Joris. "By far the most important thing is that we keep things running, so that the production can continue. In addition, our activities focus on the continuous improvement of existing systems as well as the implementation of new systems."

Delivering a contribution
Of course Joris does this not only with his team of (technical) application managers. Various IT specialists, such as information analysts, ensure that the right needs are indicated. Developers ensure that the systems can be delivered or modified. "If a system is not running, the production line cannot continue. This means that your contribution is very visible. It is great to see how your application ultimately contributes to the production of an engine or cabin," says Joris enthusiastically. "From time to time the work is hectic, because there is so much that depends on our systems. You have to be able to switch quickly. And of course, there are many different needs and interests. Every factory has their own wishes."

The factory of the future
Joris indicates that there are many developments in the field of IT, since IT is becoming more and more important. "There are a lot of developments going on within DAF. For example, we are now completely renewing the MES system (i.e. a production control system) in the factories. That is challenging and does not go without a struggle. I still find it special to see how much work we can get done. Not only in the everyday work, but also in the realization of the truck."

Joris continues: "In terms of developments, we also see that the factories of the future (Smart Industry, Digital Manufacturing) are becoming increasingly important. The digital factory is a paperless factory where everything runs automatically. Here lies a big challenge for DAF. Amongst other things, we involve involving enterprising students with a fresh perspective and knowledge of the latest insights, in order to be part of those developments."