Dennis Zwiers widescreen

Dennis Zwiers

Senior IT Architect Business Intelligence & Analytics


"You can work here with the latest business intelligence and data analytics technologies."


The IT systems within the trucks of DAF contain a lot of data. This data contains valuable information that can be used to improve DAF's product and service offerings. Together with other colleagues, Dennis Zwiers is responsible for the development of the business intelligence and analytics systems that convert data into valuable information.

Dennis gained experiences at different departments within DAF. For example, he worked at PACCAR Parts, Marketing & Sales, After Sales and for DAF Connect. Nowadays he works as a Senior IT Architect Business Intelligence & Analytics at the IT department, where he supports other departments with collecting and analyzing data. Although Dennis has always worked in similar roles, the dynamics within each department are different. "I really enjoy working in a field that is continuously in development," says Dennis.

Provide added value to the business
"We have a down-to-earth corporate culture, with a focus on delivering value for the business. Often, there is no time to fully investigate the best architecture and to build a platform to let the projects land. We must create added value as soon as possible. If you want to get something done within a large company like DAF, it is important to be able to convince other people. At the same time you have to keep up with the technological developments," Dennis explains. "The constant development within data and tech and the possibility to work with specialists in an international team have ensured that I really enjoy working at DAF.”

An exciting challenge: the processing of data
Nowadays, there are a lot of developments going on in the field of big data and data analytics. Dennis continues: "You have the opportunity to work with the latest techniques and technologies. Think cloud, business intelligence, big data and analytics technology. Sometimes our trucks are equipped with data loggers, with which we collect a lot of valuable data. This data is used by, for example, Product Development and After Sales, in order to make improvements to our latest vehicle generations our services offerings."

"The data loggers collect a huge amount of data, and processing the data is really an exciting challenge," says Dennis. "Combining this data with data from a variety of other sources provides us with very interesting insights. We can only achieve this by using the latest technology. Sometimes they say that data is the new gold. And I start to believe that this is true more and more."