Annette Tummers

Information Technology Analyst


"If you take initiative, you really get to know the company."


She spends a lot of time in the business to find out what employees exactly need in the logistic processes that are supported by IT applications. Tailoring these needs with the IT department to ensure that logistical improvements can be realized. That is what Annette Tummers is doing as an Information Technology Analyst at DAF.

 “I focus on our internal customers within logistics,” Annette begins. “I try to find out what they need and what the bottlenecks are. We translate this into small short term improvements, but the  improvements can also be part of a larger project.”

If you take a look at Annette’s background, it is definitely not necessary to have a background in IT for this position. “Actually I have a business background. During my internship at DAF, I noticed that the line between business and IT is fading. Most of the improvements involve IT. And I am very enthusiastic about all the developments within IT. I knew I wanted to be a part of that!"

Working together
"DAF is a friendly company, everyone is very open and willing to help each other. You work in close cooperation with your colleagues, so you have to be a team player,” explains Annette. Annette indicates that people would describe the culture as a masculine culture. “I like the no-nonsense approach and I felt always very comfortable with it. People really help you, whether you call or stop by, it is never a problem.”

"There are a lot of opportunities at DAF, but you have to go and get them yourself. It is appreciated if you go the extra mile. In the end you will get something in return for it. For example, in the first year that I have been working here, I went to a training week in Texas (USA), where I have met international IT colleagues,” says Annette.

Get to know the company
Annette says that it is valuable for interns and graduates to have a look at different departments within an organization. She explains: “I receive a lot of freedom to do my job. This gives you the chance to have a look at different departments and get to know the company better. I also experienced this freedom during my own graduation project. It gave me the opportunity to stay at DAF.”

Further, Annette explains that it is not wrong if you haven’t made up your mind about a defined career path. “Find out if the company has an interesting assignment and a good learning environment. And try to have conversations with as many people as possible during your internship. This helps to build a network and see what the other departments are doing. In the end, this will give you a better idea what your next step might be.”


Annette Tummers