Information Technology

Every day more than 500 IT professionals are working at the truck of tomorrow. IT is deeply embedded in our business processes, from product development to production and from sales to customer service. Because IT is applied at DAF in all facets of business operations, we are able to realize processes and products with the highest quality in the market.

IT at DAF Trucks 

IT is getting more and more important is our world, and it is getting more important at DAF as well.  You develop and think about innovations in the digital world, because continuous improvement is the driving force for our success.

As an IT professional you play a crucial role in the realization of business objectives, business operations, efficiency improvements or improving the service to our (internal) customers.

By aligning IT with the business strategy, you contribute to the production of over 200 trucks every day.
PACCAR IT is a global IT organization. From our main location in Eindhoven, we are mainly responsible for the development, support and management of the information systems for our users in Europe for DAF, PACCAR Parts, PACCAR Financial and PacLease.

What do we do within PACCAR IT?

Some examples of projects we are working on are: a true-to-life 3D visualization of the truck for our Marketing & Sales division, the replacement of all our production control systems worldwide (MES), but also the implementation of IT systems to ensure that the future EU CO2 legislation will be seamlessly integrated into our processes.

Within PACCAR IT you will work at one of the following sub departments:

 1. Business support

You are responsible for the implementation, management and / or development of software to support business processes at every level. You act as a full-fledged discussion partner of the business, you deliver added value to the business and you ensure that the business strategy can be realized

 2. Innovations

Through concept development and rapid prototyping, we are always engaged in researching and developing innovative technological solutions that contribute to the business. This is done in close cooperation with other departments.

 3. User Support

When there are incidents or requests from our users, they are supported by IT support. They ensure that office automation is working for thousands of users in Europe.

Embedded Engineering

Our trucks are equipped with complex systems. Software plays an important role in this. In order to deliver the best quality, it is important that hardware and software are fully aligned. As an embedded engineer at DAF, you are aware of all technological developments, which are necessary to contribute to important change processes. You will work in a dynamic and innovative environment, in a department that follows developments and is growing rapidly. The Embedded Engineering department is part of the Product Development division.


Employment conditions

DAF as employer

Working all together at a tangible product, with passion and pride. That is working at DAF.

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