Maciej Maliszewski

Intern Cabin Exterior Department


"I would advise other students to do an internship abroad."


In October 2016 Maciej Maliszewski (25) started with his internship at DAF. After he completed this internship, he got the opportunity to also do his graduation project at DAF. "It was not that easy to find an internship. I am studying Automotive Engineering at Warsaw University (Poland), but went on exchange to RWTH Aachen in Germany. Furthermore, after students exchange, I wanted to look for another way to write my master thesis abroad. It gave me an extra opportunity to broaden my international experiences.”

“My first contact with DAF was at the Automotive Bonding Day (a large career event in Aachen). At that time there was no specific internship available. A couple of weeks later, I contacted the Campus Recruiter, Jimmy Baens, to see if there were any matching open assignments. After a while he called me to inform me about an available position at the cabin department. The main goal of my assignment is to check the fatigue of different cabin parts. Further, I look at future developments and compare our current product and the competitor’s product.”

“What I like about DAF is that you get the possibility to develop yourself. It is a large organization with numerous departments, so there are a lot of opportunities within the organization.  The social life is also pleasant. The people I’ve met during the (almost) weekly Friday afternoon meetings, were very helpful and provide me with extra information about living in the Netherlands. Of course, there were also some difficulties. For example, it was not easy for me to find an accommodation in Eindhoven. Also, the living costs are much higher in The Netherlands compared to Eastern Europe.”

“Why I wanted to study abroad? The main reason was to distinguish myself from other graduates. The labor market in Poland is very small and studying abroad is an excellent way to develop your languages skills and gain experience in an international environment. I would advise other students to be open to exchange programs, because it gives you more opportunities once you are back in your home country. And try not to cling onto people with the same nationality, because getting in touch with different nationalities means you learn and experience more.”

Maik van vught