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Would you like to become a supplier of PSQL 2.1 E engine oil?

In everything we do, DAF works closely with a large number of suppliers worldwide. We call this our value chain because we rely on our partners to work with us to develop, manufacture and maintain the best trucks possible. As part of our commitment to achieving the highest levels of quality, cost efficiency and first-class delivery reliability, DAF prefers sustainable, long-term relationships with our preferred suppliers. But we are always open to new partners who can help us extend our position as a pioneer in the truck world.

Procedure for new suppliers of PSQL 2.1 E engine oil

Are you a manufacturer or supplier of engine oil or additives?
Would you like to strengthen our value chain as a supplier of engine oil with a PSQL 2.1 E or PSQL 2.1 E LD approval?
We have arranged a procedure for you that consists of an application form/questionnaire and a laboratory test.

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Read on to find out more about the new DAF engine oil standard.

The introduction of the pioneering New Generation DAF trucks, has set the standard for quality, efficiencyë, safety and driver comfort. Intensive tests on service life and reliability were carried out before the launch of the new XF, XG and XG+. In total, this involved more than 20 million kilometres of testing experience. Quality is a top priority at DAF,  so of course we expect DAF engine oil to meet stringent quality requirements. That's why we're introducing a new oil standard.


PSQL 2.1 E and PSQL 2.1 E LD: The standard for excellent lubrication

The name of the new oil standard is PSQL 2.1 E (standard service interval). For the extended service interval, DAF uses the suffix ‘LD’ (long drain). Combined with the new PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines, using this engine oil results in unprecedented vehicle efficiencyë and demonstrably lower fuel consumption. Service intervals for the new XF, XG and XG+ long-range vehicles have even been extended to 200,000 kilometres or once a year – a feat unheard of in the transport sector.


10W-30: the starting point

10W-30 engine oil is the lubricant that every new DAF truck in recent years has been delivered with and is the basis for the PSQL 2.1 E standard. Several endurance tests have shown that PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 Euro 6 engines equipped with this 10W-30 oil use over 3% less fuel compared to engines that use conventional 10W-40 oil. The specifications of the new oil standard have been further refined and extensively tested in seven performance areas. As a result, the standard service interval for PSQL 2.1 E exceeds the ACEA standards in every single area.


The ultimate lubrication for excellent service life

In addition to better fuel consumption and excellent engine performance, a key reason to start choosing engine oil with the PSQL 2.1 E approval is the optimal service life moving engine parts. The balanced mix of additives prevents foaming and corrosion of vital engine parts, and ensures optimal disposal of waste.


PSQL 2.1 E and PSQL 2.1 E LD

  • The recommended engine oil for every DAF truck
  • For optimum engine performance and proven fuel economy
  • Also suitable for truck brands other than DAF
  • Meets the highest quality requirements and European standards