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ProudDAF Sytse

Sytse Dijkstra

Photographer for DAF


“I’m proud to contribute to the iconic status of the DAF brand”



For years my passion has been making beautiful photos of cars and in 2017 the day arrived when I was allowed to do my thing for DAF. And that was for a whole week, during a press event. My motto is: "If it has wheels, it has to drive." I try to realize that at every photo shoot. Usually standing or hanging out of the roof of a moving car, I visualize the dynamics of DAF's heavyweight trucks.

DAF and I find each other in an increasingly natural way. The DAF annual calendar already has a lot of my photos and that makes me very proud of course. However, I don't just photograph the trucks. The faces, hands and machines that transform the raw steel into a shiny end product also deserve their moment of fame.

Every time I go out on a photo shoot for DAF, I understand better what a culture icon this Dutch truck giant is. That I, as a specialist, am able to add my bit to that is, of course, great, #ProudDAF!

Sytse Dijkstra
Photographer for DAF




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