Sergei Baikin

Sergey Baykin

Driver at Trans-Auto transport company


I have been working as a truck driver since 1986 and currently work at the Russian Trans-Auto transport company. I have been with them since their foundation. We transport crude oil from a well to an oil refinery. Transporting oil is a profitable business because we are busy transporting the oil 365 days a year.

I received my driver's license back in the eighties and joined the army, where I was part of a transportation division. After my time in the army, I started working for another transport company. I've been driving DAF for over 15 years now. I love the newest model because it’s smooth, and the cabin is comfortable and warm. 


We have different types of roads in Russia. They can be very good and very bad. There are mountainous areas and there are plains. They are different, but I both like them equally. 


Winter in Russia knows how to surprise youIt can be snowing for 5 months. And when it snows, you need to be very careful and drive very slowly. After all, I am carrying a dangerous cargo. In summer it is much calmer 


The main thing in my job is that me and my truck should always be on the road, also in the winter. 


Sometimes I travel the same route 2-3 times a day. I know every bump in the road. But in my DAF, I never get tired, even after a long trip. I just have to let the truck do its job. 




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