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DAF proud campagne image

Niek & Rob

DAF Demonstration drivers


“There’s nothing better than getting to drive a new generation of trucks”


We’re very privileged to be able to work as demonstration drivers at DAF. As a truck lover, there’s nothing better than getting the first drive in each new generation of trucks. And with the new LF, CF and XF the thrill is even greater.

With the introduction of these trucks, DAF has made a promise to its customers: a reduction of 7% in fuel consumption no less!

Our job is to show the media and our customers that we can make good on this promise. And we have been able to do just that!

Our trucks have never been so efficient, so comfortable or such a pleasure to drive. And this is backed up by the reactions of customers and the results of tests in the media.

That’s something to be proud of, and that pride is evident in the photo that inspired the current campaign. A photo taken in Norway, just a quick snapshot, but one that captures perfectly what we are: the proud demo drivers of DAF!

Niek and Rob
DAF demonstration drivers


DAF demo driver Rob

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