Anna Goncalves

Anna Gonçalves

Digital Marketing analyst DAF Brasil


“Thank you DAF for being part of my professional and personal life.”

In 2013, I was looking for a job according to my curricular experience. DAF had just started their activities in Ponta Grossa, and when I became aware of what DAF was actually proposing to develop, I realized that growing up together with DAF was one of my goals. I was interviewed for a job which I thought fit my profile and would be ideal for me at the occasion, but DAF disagreed. DAF thought I should go further. They saw in me potential I was not seeing. When I was hired, they told me that my profile would fit their Marketing Services area. At that moment I thought: me? Marketing? I had a degree in Product Design. How could my engineering background face this new challenge? But DAF had faith in me.

After a few days, I started my new journey as Marketing Services Analyst at PACCAR Parts Brasil. I started learning new things every day. Along with my career, I've traveled abroad, held events in many dealerships, met our customers and made new friends. In addition to said activities, I was invited to take part in the Diversity Committee, aiming at discussing pillars such as female empowerment, working with different age ranges and social inclusion. And I am also a member of the Diversity Choir.

Recently, I started a new challenge, focused on PACCAR Parts Marketing Sales Tools. Currently, I am a Digital Marketing analyst, and I love it. I am proud of being part of DAF’s team. Because I have discovered new skills, I took part in the development of DAF since the very beginning. We grew up together, believing in each other.
Anna Gonçalves, 
Digital Marketing analyst DAF Brasil


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