DAF Ecochamps

DAF Ecochamps

Affordable hybrid driving


Ecochamps is an initiative supported by the European Commission in which 26 leading companies and institutions from the automotive sector, led by DAF Trucks, are determining ways to make hybrid and electric powertrains efficient, compact, lightweight, robust and, above all, commercially viable for our customers.

In order to realise the project’s objectives regarding affordability, the hybrid DAF XF Ecochamps Innovation Truck features components used in the hybrid passenger car sector. Examples are the 90 kW electric motor, which is essentially the type of motor used in passenger cars and would have the benefit of economies of scale, the battery cells and the DC/DC converter which replaces the conventional alternator and convert the 300V nominal voltage of the high voltage battery to standard 24V.

This vehicle also features an electrically driven air compressor and electrically driven power steering pump that are both extremely efficient and quiet. The robust development of these makes it possible to switch off the diesel engine while driving on the motorway.

Energy from regeneration and exhaust gas residual heat

The DAF Ecochamps vehicle also uses both braking regeneration energy and energy generated from the heat of the exhaust gases to recover energy to the batteries. This system uses the energy of the cleaned exhaust gases to drive – via a closed circuit – a turbine, which in turn generates energy to charge the battery.

Impressive efficiency enhancements

The DAF EcoChamps truck is primarily designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in long haul applications, as it takes advantage of the increased electrification of the vehicle to optimise vehicle operation to the point of allowing the diesel engine to be switched off in a broad range of operating conditions resulting in an incremental 4 to 5 percent improvement in fuel economy.