DAF in 2017


Product life cycle


Reducing the impact of truck use

About 95% of a truck’s total impact on the environment occurs during operation. That’s why DAF’s product-related environmental efforts focus mainly on this stage.



DAF aims to keep the environmental impact of maintenance and repairs to an absolute minimum. That’s why we have eliminated the 10,000 km service interval in various DAF trucks. And in some of our newest vehicles, the service interval has been extended to 200,000 km. This not only helps the environment (because the truck uses less oil during its service life) but also customers, who benefit from lower maintenance costs. 


Developing lower impact engines

The huge environmental impact of truck usage is due to the emission of exhaust gases containing NOx, soot particles, hydrocarbons, CO2 and CO. Engine design is therefore an extremely important part of product development. For 60 years, DAF has built its own engines, and in that time it has earned a worldwide reputation for highly efficient engines that have as little impact on the environment as possible. 
PACCAR MX-13 engine

Environmental footprint calculator

DAF offers an online tool that allows truck owners and operators to calculate the environmental impact of their DAF trucks. The environmental footprint calculator indicates CO2, hydrocarbons, NOx and particle emissions. It can be particularly useful for tenders requiring information about environmental impact.

Environmental footprint calculator

Calculate the environmental footprint of your DAF truck