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Laura Kocx- Vermeulen

Senior Logistics Engineer


"Everyone is open to new ideas."


Laura Kocx - Vermeulen started came from her previous job at PACCAR Parts in the position of MDI (Managed Dealer Inventory) Analyst. In this role, she was responsible for the optimization of the stock planning for the DAF dealers spread across Europe. After a number of other positions within logistics, Laura is now working as a Senior Logistics Engineer. And that while she is working less hours, because she combines her work with motherhood.

"In previous roles I was responsible for the stock at our dealers. I had to travel regularly to the dealers to ensure that their inventory management was optimally arranged.  Nowadays I am at the other side of the table. As a Senior Logistics Engineer you own the stock yourself and you have more influence on the planning," Laura explains.

She indicates that her work is varied and diverse. Not a day is the same. "One moment I am working on different projects, such as upgrading to a newer version of a certain system or re-organizing a process for sending rush orders more efficiently. But it can also be necessary to answer ad hoc questions from the business about stock levels, for example. The balance and the challenges that come with my work make me really enjoy my work. It also helps me to develop myself and grow. Fortunately I have the possibility to combine my personal development with my family. Since my daughter is born and I started working four days a week, I have reached a next level in my career," says Laura.

New ideas and initiatives
Laura can only agree that the atmosphere and culture at DAF and PACCAR Parts is pleasant. The contact with colleagues is very good and informal. "It is a very nice company to work for. Managers are accessible, their doors are open and you can always ask a question. Sometimes you have to specify your limits," she says. "But people understand that." Furthermore, Laura indicates that it is important to take initiative and come up with new ideas. That is appreciated. "Although we may not be the most progressive organization, everyone is always open to new ideas and initiatives to realize improvements in the organization."

Laura Kocx Vermeulen