Emissions to air

Production processes


Limiting CO2 emissions

DAF sites are part of PACCAR’s Gas Emissions reduction programme. With this in mind, a group of employees have streamlined various transport flows between Eindhoven and Leyland in the UK, reducing CO2 emissions by 40%. The team responsible received the Chairman’s Six Sigma Award for the environment.


DAF Cab Paint Facilities

Reducing hydrocarbon emissions

DAF’s manufacturing facilities produce various emissions, the most important of which are hydrocarbons resulting from painting and cleaning. In recent years, we have reduced hydrocarbon emissions by constructing new paintshops for spraying axles, engines and chassis, and by using low-emission, water-based paints.

In 2017, DAF opened a new, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly cabin paintshop at its factory in Westerlo, Belgium. Thanks to an advanced paint system, the facility has reduced hydrocarbon emissions by 50%. The paintshop incorporates numerous innovations, including sophisticated nozzles that significantly reduce ‘over-spray’ and recapture paint. This not only benefits the environment but also boosts efficiency. What’s more, we use the latest technology to purify the air released from the spraying booths. The heat emitted is recycled and used in the pre-treatment tanks, saving energy in the process.


Switching to electric forklift trucks and electric ovens

At our Eindhoven factory, most of our LPG-driven forklift trucks have been replaced by electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are also used to collect waste material at indoor and outdoor areas. As a result, DAF now collects all waste, cardboard and foil fully using electric power. In the hardening department recently two new ovens have been implemented for the heating of products. DAF has chosen for electric heating instead of gas heating.