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Olej Przekładniowy • Multigear MTF HD

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Product highlights
  • Designed for 400,000 km long-drain capability
  • Offers cold start protection
  • Formulated for smooth shifting
  • Designed for consistent high temperature protection
  • Offers improved fuel economy
  • Aids rust, corrosion and wear resistance

Customer benefits
  • Long-drain capability of 400,000 km or more, reducing the need for transmission overhauls and maintenance downtime
  • Designed for low-temperature fluidity, allowing fast circulation and wear protection during cold start-up
  • High Viscosity Index and good shear stability help provide viscosity and film thickness sufficient for effective high temperature lubrication throughout fluid service life
  • Specially tuned, durable friction characteristics, offer smooth shifting across fluid lifetime
  • Proven fuel economy compared to conventional fluids (up to 3% improvement, when used in combination with Syn-Star GL SAE 75W-90 in the drive axles)
  • Durable extreme pressure (EP) protection, designed to resist component scuffing and wear

  • Eaton Synthetic (500,000 km/3 years)
  • Volvo 97305
  • Volvo 97307
  • Volvo 97318
  • API GL-4
  • DAF Gearbox oil for Eaton gearboxes
  • ZF TE-ML 02L
  • Daimler MB 235.4
  • Daimler MB 235.11
  • MAN 341 Type Z4
  • MAN 341 Type E4
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