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Olej Przekładniowy • Multigear MTF 75W-80

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Product highlights
  • Up to 300000 km drain intervals
  • Smooth shifting performance
  • High performance protection
  • Long fluid service life
  • High temperature protection

Customer benefits
  • Long drain capability of up to 300000 km helps reduce maintenance costs and helps optimise uptime
  • High performance, specially tuned friction characteristics contribute smooth shifting performance
  • Highly durable friction properties offer protection and performance throughout fluid service life
  • Robust shear stability helps maintain lubrication performance and system protection over a long fluid service life
  • High viscosity index (VI) offers reliable system protection during high temperature operations
  • Low temperature fluidity aids rapid fluid circulation at system start-up helping protect critical and vulnerable components
  • Extreme pressure (EP) protection promotes resistance to component scuffing and wear, helping reduce maintenance
  • Oxidation stability contributes to the resistance of harmful sludge, lacquer and deposit formation
  • Compatible with a wide range of seal materials, helping prevent fluid loss
  • Offers resistance to rust and corrosion in ferrous and yellow metal components, helping reduce maintenance, downtime and costs

  • DAF Gearbox oil for ZF and Eaton gearboxes
  • MAN 341 Type Z4
  • Volvo 97305-89
  • ZF TE-ML 02L TE-ML 16K
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