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Air conditioning? Good for everyone!

ClimaTech Airco99% of all new vehicles are fitted with air conditioning. And rightly so, as air conditioning contributes to comfort, concentration and safety in all seasons.

In summer, air conditioning helps the driver keep a cool head and stay alert. In winter, air conditioning prevents an uncomfortably cold temperature and steamed-up windows. Air conditioning is therefore good for the driver’s performance and safety. And – just as importantly – that of the other road users!

The air conditioning also needs maintenance! 

Some may say otherwise, but the air conditioning unit also requires routine maintenance. Insufficient maintenance can have expensive consequences. Moreover, failure is an insidious danger. It always comes at an awkward moment; for example when the air conditioning unit needs to cool down significantly at high temperatures. And just when the air conditioning is most needed. Therefore choose regular maintenance. Maintenance carried out by your ClimaTech Airco Specialist.
You won’t encounter any unexpected surprises.

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The vulnerable components

DAF ClimaTech aircostationAn air conditioning unit operates thanks to a pump. A compressor transports coolant through the interior. This coolant transfers heat from the interior to outside. 

A filter dryer with a fine granulate removes moisture and material residue from the liquid. Of all parts in the air conditioning system, the filter dryer is the most susceptible to maintenance. This needs to be replaced regularly. 

The air conditioning unit is not a hermetically closed system. Just look at all the hoses. It is therefore inevitable that the system will lose coolant. If the level of coolant drops below the prescribed level, the compressor is not sufficiently lubricated. This will become warm and the air conditioning unit will break down. Regular top-ups of coolant is the only solution. 

One address for all your maintenance

The Certified ClimaTech Airco Service Partner is precisely this kind of specialist. He will service your air conditioning units right down to the details. And what is particularly convenient is that he combines it with the routine service. You no longer have to go to two places. This makes a considerable difference to the uptime of your fleet Repair and maintenance of all makes Your Certified ClimaTech Airco Service Partner possesses all the tools and knowledge required to maintain your air conditioning units perfectly and repair them if necessary. Irrespective of the make and type of vehicle. Delivery vans and passenger cars are also warmly welcomed.Have your vehicle air conditioning checked once a year. This will ensure it functions properly. 

The expensive consequences of inadequate maintenance

Inadequate maintenance can lead to failure and high costs. Your compressor can become overheated and faulty through loss of coolant. A repair can quickly add up to ten times the cost of a service. These are costs you can easily avoid by having your vehicle serviced by your Certified ClimaTech Airco Service Partner.

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Environment and safety

Environment and Safety

Better for the environment

Climatech Safety Better for the environmentUnfortunately, even the most modern coolants are bad for the environment. On average, an air conditioning unit loses 86 grams of coolant (more than 8% of the total fill quantity) per year. 

This will increase now that the number of vehicles with air conditioning is on the rise. There is only one way to prevent this impact on the environment: efficient maintenance. By having your air conditioning unit serviced by a Certified ClimaTech Airco Service Partner you will contribute to a better environment.

Safe and comfortable

Driving in hot conditions means dangerous driving. A rise in interior temperature from 22ºC to 37ºC increases the risk of an accident by at least 30% due to a reduced ability to concentrate and react. Research shows that the temperature must not fall below 20ºC or exceed 26ºC. Relative humidity is best between 35% and 65%. People are most alert and relaxed under these conditions, which contributes to safety.  

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Service Partner

Service Partner

Certified ClimaTech Airco Service Partner- what does that mean?

  • Skilled and experienced employees who have taken part in a specialist course on the maintenance and servicing of air conditioning systems.
  • An efficient and effective service.
  • Professional air conditioning workshop with diagnosis and maintenance equipment.
  • Full support from ClimaTech and DAF.
  • Permanent access to the latest technical details.

A ‘cool’ offer

ClimaTech Airco certified partnerSave on inconvenience, save on costs, save on time: now that’s a ‘cool’ offer. Don’t delay in making a refreshing decision: make an appointment with your Certified ClimaTech Airco Service Partner. This is good for you. And better for everyone.

  • Also for delivery vans and passenger cars!
  • Air conditioning maintenance for all makes! 

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