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Valkenburg, The Netherlands - May 2017

DAF is introducing the new generation CF and XF trucks, which set a new standard in transport efficiency and driver comfort. Engine innovations, new drivelines and aerodynamic optimizations result in an up to 7% lower fuel consumption. The new DAF Connect fleet management system will drive even larger efficiency gains. The new generation CF and XF also feature lower weight for increased payload and an updated interior and exterior design for the highest driver comfort and greatest appeal. These excellent new trucks provide our customers with the lowest operating cost and the highest uptime.

The new DAF CF and XF - Pure Excellence

1. The new DAF CF and XF - Pure Excellence
2. Engine and driveline - Greater efficiency and more torque at lower speeds
3. Driver comfort - Best working environment for drivers
4. Aerodynamics and design - Optimum aerodynamics and attractive design go hand in hand
5. Chassis - Innovations on the CF and XF chassis enhance efficiency
6. DAF Connect - More profitability through greater insight

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Building on the excellent reputation for fuel efficiency, reliability and driver comfort the current Euro 6 product range has earned in Europe, DAF has developed a new generation of CF and XF trucks offering the best possible solutions for both the customer and the driver”, shared Preston Feight, DAF Trucks president. “Backed by industry leading services and a highly professional dealer organization, the new CF and XF trucks - entering production in summer 2017- embody an owner’s delight
and the driver’s dream.”

The new CF and XF: Owner’s delight

  • 7% lower fuel consumption
    - PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engine innovations
    - New efficient TraXon automated gearbox
    - New high efficiency rear axles with new faster ratios
    - Advanced powertrain software features
    - Aerodynamic optimizations
  • New PACCAR Engine Brake
  • Up to 100 kilogram higher payload
    - New compact Exhaust After-treatment System
  • Maximum uptime
    - Service-intervals up to 200,000 km
    - First class body builder-friendliness
  • DAF Connect fleet management system for the highest transport efficiency

Improved fuel efficiency, along with more power and torque at lower revs

Class-leading fuel efficiency is the result of the fully integrated and innovative driveline that achieves optimum interaction between engine, after-treatment system, transmission and rear axles, for lowest total cost of ownership, fully aligned with the DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy.

The air management of the PACCAR MX engines has been further improved by applying a new and even more efficient turbocharger, a new EGR system and a new valve actuation design. Thermal efficiency has been enhanced by developing a new combustion system, including new pistons, injectors and injection strategies, while higher compression ratios are employed. New highly efficient variable speed cooling-, steering- and oil pumps are used to achieve the lowest fuel consumption.

A key principle when developing the new drivelines was to reduce engine revs for best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Maximum torque of the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines has been increased significantly and is already available from 900 rpm to allow down speeding of the engine. The top-of-the range PACCAR MX-13 engine produces 390 kW/530 hp and 2,600 Nm of torque at 1,000 rpm.

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