DAF European Technician
of the year 2016

And the winner is........ Adam Baker, Chassis-Cab Truck Centre, Ipswich, United Kingdom

DAF European Technician of the Year

DAF organizes the European Technician of the Year competition to highlight the importance of professional workshop technicians.

Modern trucks are high-tech vehicles and a broad and in-depth technical knowledge is needed to be able to work on them. In addition, a technician is DAF’s business card in the dealer’s workshop and plays an important role when it comes to customer satisfaction. It's all about delivering service and quality, up to the smallest detail.

The competition
The competition consists of two parts. In the first year, participants in each country compete for the national title. The following year, the winners of the national events compete during the European final.

At the European final, which takes place at Headquarters in Eindhoven on April 6 and 7, the finalists demonstrate their theoretical and practical skills by solving malfunctions on engine and vehicle systems.

Have an impression of the European Technician of the Year event by watching the video's below: 

Short version

Long version

The finalists:

These were the nominees for 2016:
All nominees have the highest knowledge level: Master Technician.


Name: Marin Pavicic
Dealer: Walter Aichwalder GmbH
Place: Klagenfurt
Country: Austria


Name: Roman Kugler   
Dealer: Truck Trade spol. s r.o.
Place: Modrice
Country: Czech Republic


Name: Zsolt Szata
Dealer: Pappas Auto Magyarország Kft.
Place: Pécs
Country: Hungary


Name: Erling Henriksen 
Dealer: Team Verksted Sor A/S
Place: Kristiansand
Country: Norway 


Name: Mike Christensen
Dealer: ESA Trucks Padborg A/S
Place: Padborg
Country: Denmark


Name: Lucian-Ionut Nita
Place: Bucuresti
Country: Rumania



Name: Christophe Smiedts
Dealer: Truck Trading Antwerpen
Place: Wijnegem
Country: Belgium


Name: Florent Eloi
Dealer: SOVIA S.A.S.
Place: Bordeaux
Country: France


Name: Alessandro Colombo
Dealer: Brazzarola Gianfranco
Place: Alonte
Country: Italy


Name: Martin Sako
Dealer: D.I.L.A.N. Servis s.r.o.
Place: Senec
Country: Slovakia


Name: André Ritter
Dealer: TRUCK Vertriebs- und Service GmbH
Place: Westerkappeln
Country: Germany


Name: Pawel Parzer
Dealer: Firma Wanicki Sp. z o.o
Place: Krakow
Country: Poland


Name: Ivan (Manuel) Grela
Dealer: Talleres Cholo, S.L.
Place: Santiago de C.
Country: Spain


Name: Stephan Rettenmund
Dealer: Graf Nutzfahrzeug AG
Place: Hunzenschwil
Country: Switzerland


Name: Adam Baker

Dealer: Chassis-Cab Truck Centre
Place: Ipswich
Country: United Kingdom


Name: John Wammes
Dealer: Van Tilburg-Bastianen DAF B.V.
Place: Vianen
Country: Netherlands

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