DAF-technology-940 As a PACCAR company, DAF Trucks is a leader in applying state-of-the-art technology. World class systems and equipment are installed in Product Development, Manufacturing Operations, Sales and After Sales Support. DAF Trucks was the first truck manufacturer in the world to comply with the ISO/TS16949 quality standard.

Concept trucks


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Future Truck Chassis Concept

With a vision to further increasing transport efficiency, DAF has built a prototype distribution truck with a significantly lower kerb weight. Thanks to the application of innovative and patented chassis design innovations in combination with lightweight materials and components, the Future Truck Chassis Concept (FTCC) achieves a remarkable weight saving of no less than 500 kilograms on a 12 tonne LF truck, which already offers a low kerb weight for highest payload.

The FTCC is based on DAF’s popular LF-series and built by Leyland Trucks in close cooperation with both Sapa Profiles UK (aluminium extrusions) and CSA Group (validation and rig based testing). Aim was to realize an increased payload at a lower fuel consumption, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions. 


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Ecotwin - 2-Truck platooning

2-Truck platooning is the name for the concept where two trucks cooperate by driving a short distance from each other using automated driving technology. The intention of the EcoTwin experiment with TNO – the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – was to show that, the second vehicle can automatically accelerate, brake and even steer thanks to wireless communication between the two trucks.

The objective of the project with TNO is to reduce the gap between the two truck combinations, so that fuel savings and CO2 reductions of 10% can be achieved . 


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Intermodal Technology Concept

With a vision to further increasing intermodal container transportation efficiency, TelliSys presents a prototype of a tractor-semi-trailer-combination with an ultra-low fifth-wheel position that leads to 20% more cargo volume. Significant savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per ton/kilometer are therefore possible within intermodal container transportation.

TelliSys is a partnership between the IMA of the RWTH Aachen University, the European Intermodal Association, DAF, GEFCO, Goodyear, WECON and WESOB and aims to make possible the transport of containers with an internal height of 3 meters. As a result, 3 so-called ‘metre-trays ' can be stacked in a container, so that load volumes up to 100 m3 can be realized.


Business Integration

Within Product Development sophisticated 3D technologies are applied. Virtual mock-ups lead to optimal product quality and process efficiency.

Business Integration

PACCAR’s European Information Technology division supports DAF and its dealers with state-of-the-art IT systems throughout the entire life cycle of product development, production and aftermarket support. In the administrative, manufacturing and product development environments, DAF employees can rely on modern PC and network systems for the highest efficiency and quality. Product development work is supported by modern CAD/CAM systems and 3D programs, allowing for great efficiency and world class product development.

In the factories, employees receive detailed work instructions via flat screens while all production data for the product are stored in the central computer for traceability. Dealers worldwide are provided with high-tech systems for defining the right vehicle specifications for the customer, ordering vehicles and replenishing parts.



The state-of-the-art engine test facilities in Eindhoven comprise 34 test cells.


The DAF Technical Centre in Eindhoven employs over 900 engineers who work with the latest computer aided technologies. The centre has comprehensive research and testing facilities, including a state-ofthe- art anechoic chamber for a wide range of noise measurements. The DAF Technical Center in Eindhoven also comprises sophisticated engine testing facilities, featuring 34 highly advanced engine test chambers.
The engine test center plays a crucial role in the future development of the most efficient and environmentally friendly engines and enables DAF to build on its leading position in engine development.



Robots assemble and weld parts at the DAF cab factory in Westerlo, Belgium.


DAF’s world class manufacturing is guided by the principles of the PACCAR Production System (PPS) and is supported by investments in the most modern manufacturing equipment and the latest technology. In the past years, DAF has invested significantly in all its plants to realize industry leading quality and efficiency.

The engine plant is the most modern of its kind, with the installation of Six Sigma compliant equipment for both machining and assembly. In the cab and axle factory in Westerlo, robotic systems have further enhanced efficiency and quality. Truck assembly operations in Eindhoven and Leyland achieve 5-7% productivity and efficiency improvements annually, driven by employee innovation and technology deployment

DAF worldwide

DAF Worldwide v3

DAF's headquarter is based in Eindhoven. In more than 87 years DAF has grown into an international organisation with production facilities, national sales organisations and dealers all around the world.

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DAF was among the first European truck manufacturers to comply with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental care. All production facilities have achieved ‘Zero Wasteto Landfill’.

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