Supplier evaluation

Value sourcing

The Supply Management Vision is aimed at value sourcing. The suppliers of DAF Trucks N.V. must therefore show excellent performance with respect to the following aspects: 


The supplied components and systems are becoming increasingly decisive for the quality of the final product, which makes quality assurance of the incoming goods flow more important. 


DAF produces according to the build-to-order strategy. This means that trucks are only built after they have been sold. Suppliers must therefore be able to provide continuity, reliability and flexibility of supply. This demands highly frequent, fast and faultless communication between DAF and its suppliers, and EDI is one of the tools used to realise this. 


The Purchasing Department is responsible for keeping abreast of technological developments in the market and for spreading this knowledge within the organisation. 

Competitive position

Suppliers must have a competitive position in one or more of the above-mentioned aspects. 

Total costs

The total costs within the value chain must be as low as possible, so that a competitive price can be set for the final product. Besides showing excellent performance with respect to the above-mentioned aspects, our suppliers are expected to participate in the various projects initiated within the Purchasing Department of DAF Trucks N.V., such as Six Sigma projects and projects to improve products and processes through a Cost Management Programme. These projects enable continuous improvement and optimisation as regards costs, quality and functionality.


SupplierNet is the extranet portal of PACCAR Purchasing Europe for suppliers.



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