How to apply

Become a supplier to PACCAR Europe
If you meet the criteria and want to apply to become a supplier to PACCAR Europe, you can download the Supplier Questionnaire. 

Download the suppliers questionnaire

Please send your completed questionnaire to the following address: 

PACCAR Purchasing Europe

P.O. Box 90065
5600 PT Eindhoven
The Netherlands

We will use this questionnaire to gain a better insight into your organization and the way in which it measures to the five selection criteria. We would like to thank you in advance for your interest in PACCAR Europe. If your information meets our needs, we will contact you.


Purchasing conditions

DAF Trucks N.V. applies the following Purchasing Conditions


Environmental Contract Requirements

DAF Trucks N.V. has an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. As part of this system, DAF Trucks N.V. has developed environmental contract requirements for suppliers of services on DAF Trucks N.V. premises in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

These requirements are integral part of DAF Trucks N.V. purchase orders or contracts for those services, that are indicated in the document "Environmental Contract Requirements for DAF Trucks N.V. suppliers of services", which is available for download. The contract requirements relate to all employees of the supplier and its subcontractors. The TLV 00805-102 standard (Restrictions on use of substances used in products) and the accompanying 'Request for Approval' form can also be downloaded using the links below:


Things you need to know

There are several general guidelines which you as an employee of a supplier should know when you work on the DAF premises. 

These guidelines have been documented in the .pdf format publication "Things you need to know" and is available for download:


SupplierNet is the extranet portal of PACCAR Purchasing Europe for suppliers.



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about PACCAR Purchasing Europe. Help us to answer your inquiry quickly and efficiently by using the contact form. 

Contact form

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