Reduction of environmental impact

We are continuously working on further reducing the environmental impact of our activities. For instance, on our Eindhoven premises water from a nearby canal is used for cooling our production installations instead of high quality drinking water. And in our new state-of-the-art engine testing lab, advanced electrical engine brakes are used. These generate enough electricity to provide up to 20% of the demand of our factories in Eindhoven. Water based paints are being applied for coating of relevant components such as chassis, engines and axles. Both the production facilities in The Netherlands and Belgium meet ‘zero waste to landfill’: no waste is disposed to landfill, but instead it is further processed. On the Westerlo premises, a new Cab Paint Shop is being built in 2017. This new facility will result in a highly efficient process and further reduction of emission of Volatile Organic Components (VOC).

Attention to the environment as a matter of course

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