90 years of heritage

1928 - 2018

90 years of innovative transport solutions

On 1 April 1928 DAF's founder, Hub van Doorne, started a small engineering business,
‘Hub van Doorne Machinefabriek en Reparatieinrichting’.
Together with his brother Wim he laid the foundations of DAF Trucks N.V.
The activities of the Van Doorne brothers were governed by an important principle:
Meeting customers’ needs.

Patent on clever solutions

90 years of DAF, 90 years of innovation. DAF has always been known for its clever transport solutions.
And all those sophisticated solutions had in common that they served a clear purpose.
They were of value to the customer!


A small selection of an almost countless series of inventions

DAF Museum

DAF Museum

In the center of Eindhoven the DAF Museum really stands out. Technology and romantic nostalgia go hand in hand with attention to the current DAF model range. The museum is based in a restored brewery where in 1928 DAF was born. Here founder Hub van Doorne started his entrepeneurship.