Friday, March 31, 2017 | Eindhoven

DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy inside the truck cab

DAF Energy Booster: improving condition of (duo-)drivers and reducing transport costs

Health and efficiency go hand in hand. DAF proves this with their newest option: the DAF Energy Booster.

DAF Energy Booster
The Energy Booster will be added to the footwell of the passenger side of the cabin. It will directly be connected to a backup battery, which can be charged by moving around the pedals of the Energy Booster. The stored electricity can then be used for listening to the radio and for charging a phone or tablet. The interior lighting also uses power from the backup battery.

The DAF Energy Booster saves you fuel and improves the fitness of the driver, as he or she can exercise whilst having a break from driving.

The DAF Energy Booster can be ordered with every new truck, as from this Saturday, April 1st. The Energy Booster will become available later this year for trucks that are already on the road.
DAF Energy Booster_close-up

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