Inlet and exhaust systems
When modifications are made to the engine air inlet system, verification by DAF is in any case required, in view of type approval and the possible effect on engine performance and /or fuel consumption. At all time the intake manifold opening of the standard or eventual modified air inlet system must be kept clear of body panels or brackets of any kind for at least 70 mm to avoid obstruction of the air flow and possible negative effect on the engine performance.
If modifications are made to the exhaust system, consultation with DAF is required (inclusive Letter of no Objection), in view of type approval (homologation to taken care of by the conversionist) and possible effect on engine performance and /or fuel consumption.
Other matters to which attention should be paid in relation with the exhaust system are the following:
The complete exhaust system of Euro 4 and 5 vehicles consists of the following components; a silencer, an AdBlue tank, an AdBlue pump module and an AdBlue dosing module. Relocation of the complete exhaust system or parts of it is only possible after consultation with DAF.
Repositioning the exhaust muffler
The under mentioned guidelines must be taken care of in order to fulfil the Euro4/5 requirements. The main objective is to minimise the temperature drop.
Exhaust pipe characteristics
CF - XF Series
No requirements
127 mm
2 mm
Minimum bend radius
190 mm
(centre line)
Maximum total bend angles from turbo till silencer
Repositioning the AdBlue tank
The AdBlue tank and dosing module should be positioned as close as possible to each other with short pipe lengths to minimize restriction and trapped air.
Installation configuration overview
Repositioning the pump module:
The pump module can be repositioned provided that the original pipe and wiring is used.
Repositioning the dosing module:
Lengthening pipes
Exhaust pipe characteristics:
AdBlue feed- and return pipe
pressure pipe
Air supply
air line
dosing line
Max. length
5.0 m
4.5 m
no limitation
no limitation
0.5 m
No modification allowed
Modifications should be carried out in line with the Cleanliness Procedures as mentioned in After Sales Service Rapido system. Mounting and installation of air lines should be carried out as mentioned in Service Rapido- General guidelines for repairs in the chapter "Plastic Pipes".
In case the EAS unit has to be repainted special care has to be taken that the breather must be kept clear to maintain correct operation of the unit. The minimum requirement is to fully mask the breather and the counter bore in which it is mounted during any painting process.