DAF Trucks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PACCAR Inc. The DAF Trucks N.V. purchasing organization is part of PACCAR Corporate Purchasing and goes under the name of PACCAR Purchasing Europe. It is responsible for the delivery of goods and services to production units in Eindhoven and Westerlo (DAF Purchasing) and to Leyland (Leyland Purchasing).  


The PACCAR Purchasing Europe organization is subdivided into:


  • Product Projects; this department is tasked with ensuring that Purchasing is involved at the start of new product projects. 
  • Production Purchasing; this department is responsible for the purchasing of components developed by the suppliers and possibly adapted to DAF's wishes, such as engines, gearboxes, electronic components and cooling systems. It also handles the purchasing of parts developed according to DAF design and the purchasing of all raw materials required for in-house processing. 
  • Non-production Purchasing; this department is responsible for the purchasing of all goods and services that are not directly incorporated in the final products (trucks, cabs, engines and spare parts). 
  • Parts Purchasing; its tasks include the supporting of the service obligation that DAF Trucks has towards every DAF truck owner. 
  • Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA); this department is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the incoming goods flow.


SupplierNet is the extranet portal of PACCAR Purchasing Europe for suppliers.



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