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DAF offers all engines to EEV specification

6.7 litre PACCAR GR-engine available in ultraclean version


Effective immediately, DAF is also offering its 6.7 litre PACCAR GR-engine in an EEV-compliant version, making DAF the first truck manufacturer to have its complete engine range available in ultralow emission versions. EEV-specified vehicles (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles) emit at least 33% less soot particles when compared to the current Euro 5 emission standard. A number of versions of the 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-engine are now EEV-compliant, without the need for fitment of a soot filter.

In the spring of 2008, DAF was one of the first truck manufacturers to have its entire product range (LF, CF and XF105) available with the EEV emission level option. By offering an ultralow emission version of its 6.7 litre six-cylinder PACCAR GR-engine, all engine versions are now available in EEV-specification. Just like the 4.5 litre four-cylinder PACCAR FR-engine in the LF, the GR-engine doesn’t need a soot filter to achieve EEV-emission levels. DAF offers the 6.7 litre PACCAR GR-engine in its LF and CF65 vehicles, with power outputs from 165 KW/220 hp to 220 KW/300 hp.

MX EEV without soot filter as well

By optimizing the engine management system, DAF can now also offer several versions of its 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-engine in EEV-specification, without the need to fit a soot filter. The versions concerned are the 265 KW/360 hp and 300 KW/410 hp engines offered in the DAF CF85. The 300 KW/410 hp version is also offered in the DAF XF105. The fact that the EEV-emission levels can be achieved without the use of a soot filter, means a weight advantage of about 30 kilograms. Furthermore it means that there is more space available on the chassis, which can be used for installing extra components or larger fuel tanks.

DAF Trucks N.V., a subsidiary of the American company PACCAR Inc, one of the world's largest producers of heavy duty trucks, is a leading manufacturer of light, medium and heavy duty trucks with a market share in Europe of about 15% in the over 15-tonne category (2009). DAF manufactures a full range of tractors and rigids, offering the right vehicle for every transport application. DAF is also a leader in providing product-related services: MultiSupport Repair and Maintenance Contracts, financial services from PACCAR Financial and a first-class parts service. In addition, DAF develops and produces components such as axles and engines for, in particular, bus and coach manufacturers all over the world. DAF Trucks N.V. has production facilities in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and Westerlo, Belgium, and over 1000 dealers and service points in Europe.  



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