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DAF XF105 EcoCombi for De Rooy Transport

29/09/2011 Eindhoven

De Rooy Transport has taken its first DAF XF105 EcoCombi into use. The combination is used within the Netherlands for transporting new trucks and tractors. Through the unique combination of a tractor with a semi-trailer and a drawbar, four instead of three truck chassis can be transported.

The impressive combination was developed independently by De Rooy Transport. “The semi-trailer and drawbar have a low chassis whereby we can make optimum use of the maximum permissible height,” says Jan de Rooy, Managing Director De Rooy Group. “In combination with the maximum permissible combination length of 25.25 meters within the Netherlands for EcoCombis, this means we are able to carry four instead of three truck chassis each transport. During the development of the combination we gave a lot of thought to the maneuverability. Even negotiating roundabouts is simple.”

XF105 Space Cab

The EcoCombi is pulled by a DAF XF105 Space Cab. “The choice of the Space Cab was very deliberate,” underlines De Rooy. “On the one hand it offers all the room and comfort, while on the other it enables an extra chassis to protrude above it, in the event that we have to carry a long truck chassis.” The XF105 has a 12.9 litre PACCAR MX engine with 410 HP (340KW), coupled with an automatic AS Tronic gearbox.

Missed chance

The XF105 EcoCombi of De Rooy Transport is used on set routes within the Netherlands. “It is a pity that these kind of truck combinations can’t be used throughout Europe,” says De Rooy. “Because if you want to make progress in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 reduction, the EcoCombi offers great possibilities. Finally, it can carry around 33% more freight per trip and does this while impacting fuel consumption by only a few percent.”

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