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DAF Trucks at IAA 2010

DAF, a World of Applications

21/09/2010 Hanover

At the IAA 2010, to be held in Hanover from 23 to 30 September, DAF Trucks, a PACCAR company, will be presenting the 12-tonne LF45 hybrid truck, which will enter production at the end of this year. The stand of the leading manufacturer of tractor units in the European Union also places a major focus on the wide range of rigids, with a tailor-made vehicle for every application. Also at the IAA, DAF will be presenting a special edition of the XF105 Super Space Cab: the Blue Edition. And what's more, in a first for the truck industry, DAF is supplying all of its engine ratings in ultra-clean EEV versions.

  • The EU's number one in the tractor market has more to offer!
  • Complete range of rigids: a truck to match every application
  • LF Hybrid truck in production at the end of 2010
  • All engine variants available in ultra-clean EEV specification
  • New lightweight tandem axle, optimised 6x2 BDF chassis and 13-tonne rear axle for CF65
  • Exclusive series - the XF105 Super Space Cab Blue Edition
  • Focus on DAF 'Total Care' strategy
  • Further expansion of PACCAR Winch in Europe

Despite being the 'smallest' in terms of volume of the seven truck producers in Europe as recently as less than ten years ago, with a market share of 16.3% for the first half of 2010 DAF has gained a very strong second position. DAF is the market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. In Germany – the largest truck market in Europe - DAF has further consolidated its position as the leading import brand with a market share of 12.1%.

In the total European tractor segment (15 ton+) DAF has achieved a market share of more than 21% during the first six months of 2010, making the Dutch truck manufacturer the market leader within the European Union. Naturally the aim is to further reinforce this position, but further growth will also need to be achieved by the wide range of 2, 3 and 4-axled rigids with a tailor-made vehicle for every application. In order to underline this, a number of fully built-up vehicles are to be exhibited – in collaboration with leading partners from the body construction industry – on the DAF stand: a three-axle LF55 with Saxas bodywork for the beverage distribution, a three-axle CF75 refuse vehicle with HN Schörling bodywork, a two-axle CF65 with a cooling body by Schmitz Cargobull, a three-axle CF85 with VDL hook-arm system, a three-axle CF85 with a container-loading system by Gergen, a four-axle CF85 with a Meiller tipper and a three-axle XF105 with the BDF bodywork which is very popular in Germany.

LF Hybrid in production

Even before this year is out DAF will commence production of the DAF LF Hybrid, a 12-ton distribution truck with a parallel hybrid system. The commencement of production follows a very extensive field test, in which vehicles have been tested for two years in the most diverse practical applications in daily use with customers in both the UK and on the continent. The use of hybrid technology can reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions by between 10 and 20%, depending on the application. DAF is one of the first European truck manufacturers to bring a hybrid truck into production.

The DAF LF Hybrid uses a parallel diesel/electric hybrid system, in which the truck is driven by the diesel engine, the electric engine or a combination of both. The truck is fitted with the 4.5-litre PACCAR FR diesel engine, which complies with the ultra-low EEV emission requirements as standard, without a soot filter. In the LF Hybrid, this engine produces a maximum power of 118 kW/160 hp and is linked to an automatic Eaton six-speed gearbox (Autoshift). An electric motor has been installed between the clutch and the gearbox, which can provide drive as well as functioning as a generator. Energy released during braking is stored in the lithium-ion batteries for re-use during acceleration. Depending on the degree of charge of the lithium-ion batteries, a central computer determines when the diesel engine provides the drive and when and to what extent the electric motor is used.

DAF is starting to supply the LF Hybrid in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium; countries in which market research has shown that the interest in hybrid vehicles is highest. Depending on the success of the LF Hybrid in these markets, DAF will decide whether to include the vehicle in the standard product range in other countries.

Hybrid technology will be developed further in the next few years, particularly with regard to batteries. For this reason the DAF LF Hybrid is offered as standard via PACCAR Financial with a full operational lease contract, so that the DAF dealer can implement any potential updates during the contract term. This ensures that transport operators always have the most environmentally friendly vehicles for a fixed price per month.

A first: all engine ratings available in EEV

In the spring of 2008, DAF was one of the first truck manufacturers able to supply EEV versions as an option for all its models (LF, CF and XF) and is now further extending its leading position in the field of engine development by being the first truck manufacturer to offer EEV versions for all of its engine ratings.

Due to the further optimisation of the engine management system, several versions of the 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine can now also comply with the EEV standard without a soot particle filter. This currently applies to the 265 kW/360 hp and 300 kW/410 hp versions and from the start of 2011 will also include the 340 kW/460 hp version, which are installed in the DAF CF85 and XF105. The fact that the EEV emissions values will be achieved without a soot particle filter means a weight advantage of some 30 kilograms, whilst more room is left free on the chassis for the fitting of larger fuel tanks.

EEV specifications can also be met by the 4.5-litre four-cylinder PACCAR FR and 6.7-litre PACCAR GR engines in the LF and CF65 models without the use of a soot particle filter.

More product news

However, DAF will be presenting even more product news at the IAA 2010. For instance, further improvements have been made to the FAR XF105 6x2 chassis for the BDF applications that are popular in Germany. Adjustments to the ECAS air suspension mean that the lifting device for the swap bodies now operates more swiftly and there is an extra reserve in the event of overloading. In addition, the introduction of an adapted steering box has further improved steering properties, particularly during manoeuvres.

In addition to the well-known HT1355T tandem axle with hub reduction (21 or 26 tons), the CF series is also available in some countries with the lighter 1132 tandem axle (19 tons) with single reduction for use on 6x4 and 8x4 concrete mixer chassis for GVWs of 26 tons for the FAT CF75 6x4 up to 32 tons for the FAD CF85 8x4. Thanks to the lighter 1132 tandem axle and the adapted chassis frame, extra load capacity of up to 800 kilograms has been achieved.

The DAF CF65 in the 19-ton version is also available with a 13-ton rear axle for extra reserve on the driven axle and less chance of overloading with partial loads.

DAF XF105 Blue Edition

Following on from the successful ‘White Edition’, the DAF stand will be displaying the XF105 Super Space Cab ‘Blue Edition’ – a model that stands out due to its unique paint colour and extensive range of features. This XF105 ‘Blue Edition’ is available in a limited series, exclusively for the German market. The truck is powered by the 460 hp 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine, linked to an automated AS-Tronic twelve-speed gearbox. The specification includes Skylights, Xenon lights, a full aerodynamics package, Alcoa aluminium rims and air horns. Exclusive features of the cab of the ‘Blue Edition’ include its leather steering wheel, refrigerator, cab heater, extensive audio equipment and of course DAF’s famous ‘Night Lock’ that protects the driver from break-ins and burglary.

Services around the product take centre stage

To underline the importance that DAF and its dealers (approx. 1000 sales and service dealers in Europe) place on excellent service to support their leading products, services such as PACCAR Financial, PACCAR Parts and TRP are being given a prominent place on the DAF stand, as will DAF’s unsurpassed International Truck Service (ITS), MultiSupport Repair and Maintenance Contracts and DAF Connect, a complete management system that optimises maintenance of the vehicle fleet and efficiency in the workplace for companies who carry out their own repairs.

DAF dealers apply the "one-stop shopping" formula: all services and support under one roof, so that customers can concentrate on their core business.

DAF Telematics new functionalities

The DAF Telematics System is a data communication system that allows a transport operator to further optimise the management of its fleet and business processes. Features of the DAF Telematics System are very easy access to data and extreme ease of use. A unique aspect is that all functionalities of the DAF Telematics System are integrated into one unit for maximum reliability and efficiency. A new web portal offers even more options for usage and reporting. One of the new functions is "geofencing". This involves sending a report when a truck is within a previously specified radius of the delivery address, so that the recipient is notified that the load will soon be arriving. From the home base, it is now possible to put together the most economical route and send it through to the truck. The number of reporting options has also been expanded. Not only does DTS provide a detailed overview of the fuel consumption for a given truck, it can also issue other reports, for instance on the number of hours that the engine was running while stationary – all with the aim of optimising efficiency even further. There is now also an interface available to link the DAF Telematics system to the customer's existing back-office system for an efficient and 'real-time’ exchange of data between transport management systems and the vehicle.


With a fleet of almost 4,000 vehicles, PacLease, a PACCAR company just like DAF, is one of the largest truck and trailer hire companies in Germany, which stands out due to its extensive and varied range of vehicles, with tractors, rigids and a wide variety of trailers. The network of locations where PacLease is established recently expanded from 8 to 24, as 14 DAF dealers now also offer PacLease's services.

DAF Components

DAF Components is the fastest growing independent manufacturer of bus and coach engines in Europe and was granted the prestigious ‘Award for the Alternative Plaza 2010’ at 'Bus World Asia' in Shanghai earlier this year. DAF received this award for the first-class reliability and durability of its engines, along with the low fuel consumption of the 9.2-litre PACCAR PR engine and 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine. The fact that DAF is the first company to offer ultra-clean EEV engines for use in buses and coaches in Asia played a significant role in the judging of the award.

PACCAR Winch forecasts growth in Europe

With its brands Braden, Carco and Gearmatic, the PACCAR Winch Division is one of the leading manufacturers of winches in the world for use in construction and forestry, oil extraction and transport but also for use on mobile cranes and for military applications.

Under the brand names Braden and Gearmatic, the PACCAR Winch Division first and foremost offers a wide range of planetary hoists with lifting capacities of 1380 to 28,800 kilograms (3000 - 64,000 lbs). In addition, a range of Magnum recovery hoists are offered with pulling forces of up to 67,500 kilograms, specifically for use in the oil extraction industry. Furthermore, hydraulically driven recovery hoists are available with pulling forces of up to 72,000 kilograms (160,000 lbs). Carco's winches have mainly been designed for use on tractors and bulldozers. The PACCAR Winch Division has a global network of independent and certified distributors, including sixteen in Europe. The presence of the PACCAR Winch Division at IAA 2010 in September 2010 highlights the company's goal of significantly expanding its presence in Europe.

As is traditionally the case, DAF's stand at the IAA in Hanover will be in Hall 17 (stand number B20), where the following vehicles will be on show in a display area covering about 2500 m2: 

LF series:

 FA 45.160 EEV     Hybrid truck
 FA 45.210 EEV   4x2 rigid 
 FAN 55.280 EEV     6x2 rigid with Saxas beverage body fitted with Dhollandia tail lift

CF series:

FA 65.300 EEV       4x2 rigid with Schmitz Cargobull cooling unit fitted with Frigoblock refrigerating unit and Dhollandia tail lift
FAN 75.310 EEV    6x2 rigid with refuse body from HN Schörling
FT 85.460 EEV    4x2 tractor with Space Cab
FAN 85.410 EEV 6x2 rigid with VDL hook lift system
FAG 85.410 EEV     6x2 rigid with Gergen container-loading system and Orlaco camera system
FAD 85.410 EEV 8x4 rigid with Meiller tipper body

XF series:

FT 105.460 EEV      4x2 tractor with Super Space Cab
FT 105.510   4x2 tractor with Space Cab
FT 105.460 EEV   4x2 tractor with Super Space Cab, Blue Edition    
FAR 105.460    EEV 6x2 rigid with Super Space Cab for BDF application with Dirna air conditioning system

Thanks to close cooperation with a number of prominent partners, the DAF stand provides added value in terms of information. These partners include Alcoa (light alloy rims), Total (fuels and lubricants), Goodyear (tyres), DuPont (paints), BASF (emission technologies), Eaton (hybrid technology) and Cummins (engine technology).



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