DAF Trucks N.V.

DAF LF Hybrid

PACCAR has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving an improvement in fuel efficiency of 30% for certain medium-duty vehicles by 2013. Hybrid technology will primarily be used to achieve this target.

DAF Hybrid Technology

The prototype of an LF45 based 7.5-tonne DAF hybrid truck was developed in close co-operation with PACCAR company Leyland Trucks Ltd, the Eaton company and the Dutch Technical Research centre TNO. The vehicle uses a parallel diesel/electric hybrid system, in which the truck is driven by the diesel engine, the electric motor or by a combination of both. End 2007 prototypes were handed over to selected customers for field tests.

Electric motor 

The electric motor/generator, installed between the clutch and the gearbox functions as a generator or as a motor alternately. Energy released during braking is stored in the lithium-ion batteries for re-use during acceleration. Depending on the fill ratio of these batteries, a central computer determines when the diesel engine provides the drive and when and to what extend the electric motor is used.

Lithium-ion batteries

The battery pack of the hybrid system weighs around 100 kg and in total contains a hundred 3.4 Volt lithium-ion cells. When these batteries are fully charged, the LF hybrid truck can cover about two kilometres on electric traction only. This would be sufficient to drive in and out of the ‘green zones’ of the city centres.